Saturday, February 23, 2013

Experience Adventure with Your Children

"Before you decided to start a family, you backpacked and slept in hammocks by the sea. Now you want to share that spirit of adventure with the family. Keep it alive with authentic and educational trips that reflect what’s important to parents—short travel times and the safety of group travel. Just because you’ve settled down and had kids doesn’t mean you have to stop having adventures. Wanderlust is genetic, so bring the kids along for the ride! We’ve scoured the globe in search of exciting experiences that fit the needs of travellers big and not-so-big alike. And unlike most things, travel is something you never grow out of; whether your kids are little or almost grown, we’ve got an adventure that’ll fit them (and you!) perfectly. " ~G Adventures.

From Europe, to Africa and Asia, to South America, 3D  Cruise and Travel can send you on a fantastic family adventure.  If you long for more family adventure than Disney, but want to know your children will have age appropriate activities and safety we can help you satisfy that desire.

A family adventure is about experiencing the world through your child's eyes.  It's about showing them that the world is big and they are a part of it.  Through the experience of a great family adventure your child may realize they want to work with animals, become a historian, climb Mt. Everest, or perhaps they discover through keeping a travel journal that being an author is in their future.

You have a limited time to experience the wonders of the world while your children are young, don't let the opportunity pass you by.