Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Happy Honeymooners

HI Debby!

We had so much fun! The cruise ship is amazing!!! Its so big and has so many things  to do. We went to the water show which was phenomenal called OceanAria and then to Chicago which was great as well! The comedy show was full before we could get in a reservation but that was okay. The dining room food was so delicious! We did go to Chop's Grille one night but I don't think the food there was any better than the food in the dining room so we stuck with the dining room for the rest of the night. The service was impeccable and our stateroom attendant was awesome!!! He made us three different towel animals!! A puppy, an elephant and a monkey that was hanging from a hanger on the ceiling on the last night of the cruise! We loved it!

We ended up doing 3 different excursions. A snorkel trip in the Bahamas which was fun but a bit overcrowded. The scuba diving that we ended up doing in St. Thomas was awesome! It was 14 people and they were making groups of four to go into the water so it was great when Michael and I ended up in our own group. The guides were great and we had a really fun time doing that! Then we did the Tiki Hut Snorkel park in St. Marteen. Let me tell you, if you want to relax on lounge chairs right on the water, snorkel around a sunken airplane, helicopter and submarine or just float on noodles in the water, this was a perfect way to spend the day. They brought us at 9am and you could stay as long as you want because the boat comes back every 40 minutes. We came back to the boat around 2pm. It was a really fun day just hanging out, snorkeling, eating some lunch and then snorkeling some more.

The last two days cruising were fun! It was nice to just walk around the boat, explore and relax. We also really liked the buffet dining in the Windjammer Marketplace, especially for breakfast.  Room service was also very good and we loved the pizza place, Sorrento's.

The Central Park deck was great as well with the Cafe to eat at for breakfast and lunch. We loved our balcony and I'm so glad that we got that room. We could go outside whenever we wanted and watch the sunset or sunrise or leaving an island or getting into an island. It was great and beautiful!!! The first night we were drinking our wine out there on the balcony and it was awesome! We liked St. Thomas and St. Marteen the best. Both islands were gorgeous and weren't as commercial as the Bahamas.

Thank you so much for everything! We loved it all and was a great first time out of the country for me and a great first time to the Caribbean for both of us!!

Thank you again so much!!!

Jen and Michael

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Honeymooners!

Hey Debby!  The Honeymoon trip to Hawaii was great, very beautiful & eventful.

By far the best thing we did was take the rental car and drive the Road to Hana while on Maui-thank-you for the recommendation. There was so many things to see (waterfalls, black sand beaches, the bays, nice ocean views, etc...) and places to stop to enjoy it all.  It took up an entire day, but it was well worth it.  The Helicopter ride was awesome as well and we really enjoyed the Paradise Cove Luau. It was much better, a lot more involved and it had so many things to do in comparison to the one at the Westin.  We enjoyed our trip to Pearl Harbor but the submarine ride was just so-so.  When we went there were no sharks, turtles, dolphins or anything, , but that’s just the luck of the draw on something like that.

Our only regret is that we didn’t go between Nov & Feb so we could have seen the whales and really large waves that are in Hawaii during the winter. Thanks again for everything!

Billy D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Happy Destination Wedding Client

It was absolutely amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon, wedding, and vacation!  The hotel was great! Super clean, and the staff super friendly!  The beach was clean, there were lots of things to do for both adults and kids.  Also, the local tour reps were VERY helpful!!! In most cases we were able to negotiate slightly cheaper pricing after conversing with them for a while. 

While we were there we hung out at the adult pool (where they have a swim-up bar) and the beach a lot. We also did zip line, snorkeling in a cave, exploring caves, visited Chitzen-Itza, went scuba diving, went shopping and dining in town. And, Rob's family swam with dolphins, and my family went horseback riding.

Jackie, Abel, Rob and I were on the top floor, which has some special perks that the other floors don't (like a special lounge area for breakfast in the morning, internet access, and drinks and snacks in the evening).

Leaving was the hardest part! In fact, Rob keeps talking about how we should figure out a way to move there!

I've attached a picture of the wedding. The photographer even asked us for permission to use our photos on their website!

Again, I cannot thank you enough for arranging everything for us. With a wedding in the middle of it, I know it wouldn't have been able to get it all done without you!!!